My Plant-Based Kitchen: Pantry, Fridge + Root Cellar

If you’re wondering what this plant-based person fills their pantry, fridge, freezer, and root cellar with… look no further. I am about a year into my shift, and feeling pretty content with how I stock my kitchen these days. Let’s take a peak at what I try to have on hand at all times. I aim to eat … More My Plant-Based Kitchen: Pantry, Fridge + Root Cellar

Week in Review: 2017.6

It is a picture-perfect winter world outside my window, tonight is a Full Moon, and it’s the weekend where many will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. When February can feel like a throwaway month, I try to focus on the enchantment that it brings. A view this morning (above), after yesterday’s 5 inches of snow… Born and raised … More Week in Review: 2017.6

Week in Review: 2017.5

I had my quarterly scan this past Monday, then my follow-up appointments on Wednesday for the results. I have been increasingly reclusive and disconnected surrounding this milestone, which was only exacerbated after I picked up a nasty bug at the top of the week. I have been feeling stuffy, sniffly, and out of it for several … More Week in Review: 2017.5