Week in Review: 2017.14

Today’s April Showers are of the snowy variety, which is adding a dusty layer to everything that’s coming alive outside.

But these lupines will surely survive, and so will these hyacinth…

A few days ago it was much warmer and sunnier…

With flowers continuing to bloom all around.

Baron is enjoying his favorite duty of pest control as the garden takes shape…

The young apple trees are sprouting life once again…

And there was a rather magical sunrise one morning this week, showing off a rainbow of hues.

Inside, the 60(!) varieties of tomato seedlings are all growing strong.

And we’ve reached the end of another busy week, gone in a flash. I spent nearly all of last weekend at a Yin Yoga Immersion training, and I have also been teaching more classes, which is a wonderful challenge.

In podcasting news, Emily and I talked about Intuition on this week’s episode of Nourish + Flourish. And while I don’t have any new food to share this week, be sure to subscribe to N+F because on Monday there’ll be an episode all about the subject – finding food inspiration, menu planning/grocery shopping, and how we make it work for our unique needs.

On All About It, I talked about umbrellas + parasols – a fitting topic for earlier in the week when we were merely dealing with rainy spring showers.

Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte, 1877


Happy Friday everyone!

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