Week in Review: 2017.5

I had my quarterly scan this past Monday, then my follow-up appointments on Wednesday for the results. I have been increasingly reclusive and disconnected surrounding this milestone, which was only exacerbated after I picked up a nasty bug at the top of the week.

I have been feeling stuffy, sniffly, and out of it for several days, and am trying to ignore the irony that I felt extremely healthy until I set foot into the hospital. But all of that aside, the scan revealed that nothing has changed since I got the bad news in October. That means I get another three months of freedom, treatment is not on my immediate horizon, and that I can keep on keepin’ on.

I could not be happier!

Also happy I got to jump into a pair of these “one size fits all,” disposable hospital pants. Scanning in style!

Given the distracting nature of all my appointments this week, and this nagging cold, there isn’t much to report. But here’s a couple of things…


  • I have been immersed in these two books, which are each captivating and inspiring in their own way.


The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook and Ingredient – both highly recommended!

  • I am just starting Week 3 of the Wim Hof Method, and feeling more dedicated to my plant-based life and yoga practice than ever. I truly believe all of my holistic endeavors and positive attitude are carrying me through life with this disease, which is nearing the 3 year mark. Unbelievable.

Looking forward to getting over this cold and immersing myself back into life and creative projects.

Here’s to health!

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