Week in Review: 2017.1

Remember when I used to publish roundups on Fridays of my findings, food, and flora? Well, I’m back at it. Sort of.

Moving forward I will be putting together posts of various things that encapsulate my week in review. Since I’m off social media for the time being, this will be an efficient way to stay connected.

Here’s my first week of January 2017:

I woke up this morning to lots of snow!


I was featured in this articleMesothelioma Warriors Share Their Hopes for 2017.

I published these two episodes on my podcast:

I also recorded two more episodes of a podcast I am launching with a partner later this month, which is very exciting. Stay tuned!

I published these two posts here on Cured Life:

I read (and loved):

I made (and enjoyed eating):


I have been satisfying my craving for coffee with Teeccino (I ditched caffeine for the foreseeable future). It’s not quite the ideal replacement, but I enjoy having a stand-in for the moment.

2013050611321976800_lrgI am in the midst of Yoga 30 For 30 and loving it. It was created by my yoga teachers and it has been so good to “see” them again!

I watched:

The entire series of Humans is available on YouTube. Stunning work.

Rented this one on Amazon. Good stuff.


Happy Friday everyone!

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