Video: Delicious When Pressed

One of my “50 in 100 daysgoals is to make more videos. Over the weekend I realized that many of the homesteading-esque activities I partake in are perfect for that creative endeavor,
especially: pressing apples!

A few years ago a lovely antique press, a true workhorse, came into my life via Craigslist. It’s been in the garage for a bit, but came back into action yesterday, tasked with pressing 3 bushels of apples.


There’s a fruit farm just a couple of miles from home, so 6 bushels of various varieties were loaded up and brought home to be washed. These were considered unsellable “seconds,” if you can believe it.

Washing the apples in a water/vinegar rinse.

Three hardworking people, two curious dogs, innumerable bees, and about three hours later, we had 10 gallons of cider.


Watch the day unfold here:

I must admit, this video makes it look like a very relaxed, pleasant day – but apple pressing is damn hard work. The kind of work that’s well worth it, though!

Some of the cider will be kept for fresh, raw drinking (it’s delicious), and some of it will be fermented into hard cider with the addition of some other flavors like blackberries from the garden, or foraged pawpaws.

I made and canned about 15 jars of applesauce from what didn’t get turned into cider, but there’s still about 2 bushels left, just waiting to be pressed. Soon!

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