Countdown to 2017: 50 Goals 100 Days

There are 100 days left in 2016. I have drawn up 50 personal goals to accomplish within that time, starting now. Sounds ambitious, which it is, but I am no stranger to this type of personal endeavor.

In 2010 I tried something new every single day for the entire year, with a partner, which was an incredibly challenging goal. It was ultimately successful, both literally and in terms of life enrichment. I blogged my way through the entire project as some of you may remember, though those archives are long gone. Not gone, however, is the fire ignited within me to challenge myself with similarly intimidating, yet utterly fulfilling projects.

Let’s take a little trip back in time.

I graduated from college in December of 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography. I finished a semester early (hence the winter timeline) and immediately moved from northern Virginia to Pittsburgh.

I quickly started a blog in an effort to make sure I kept picking up my cameras, and also to share adventures in my new city with friends and family afar. There was no real direction or niche for the blog, but my content ended up including a lot of food, art, and Pittsburgh-fueled experiences. I loved it.

The seemingly inconspicuous decision to start blogging back then created a domino effect of opportunities and connections over the 5 years it was live. Unfortunately, the blog ultimately came to a bittersweet end by the time I shut it down in 2011. It was so completely interwoven with my personal life, and eventual first marriage, that my only option was to dismantle the whole thing when we divorced.

But! Here I am, 10 years later, clearly re-enchanted with the art of blogging and remembering how fulfilling it was to give myself a platform to funnel my creativity through.

Enter: 100 Goals in 50 Days!

Spoiler alert: I will not be disclosing that list of 50 things in this post.


I don’t believe in spilling my goals, desires and wishes to the masses until they are real, tangible accomplishments. Only my trusty collection of notebooks know all of those brewing secrets, and I like to keep it that way.

A sampling of my bountiful notebook collection.

This article detailing strategies for achieving goals and daily habits really put into words what I’m trying to say.

An excerpt:

Don’t talk about it. If you’ve told your partner, your friends, or even social media that you’re going to do something and then don’t – stop talking about it. I am guilty of this myself – saying and doing are worlds apart and talking about your goals can discredit them. Take the energy that goes into talking about what you’re going to do and apply it to doing something towards it. Take action, be living proof of what’s possible.

I suppose it’s sort of hypocritical to make this point in a post where I am asserting that I’m attempting to accomplish 50 goals in 100 days, but hear me out.

The intention behind sharing this endeavor is to create a sense of transparency, community, and inspiration. There is also an inherent accountability by making this larger, collective goal known. It is an experimental personal challenge, and one that I know I will be able to glean valuable lessons and experiences from that are worth sharing. Failures, successes, hiccups, and the like.

My goals are broken into the following categories:

  • 3 New Experiences
  • 3 Educational
  • 5 Professional
  • 6 Culinary
  • 7 Fitness
  • 12 Creative
  • 14 Personal/Misc

Most goals will be shared in due time, as they either come to fruition or smolder out. Failure on some level is inevitable, after all, especially given the inherent commotion these next three-ish months bring to all of our lives.

My shelf of glass supplies for fused mosaics – one of many creative endeavors I am currently revisiting.

Here’s a look at how the last 100 Days of 2016 currently look on my calendar:

  • 1 quarterly MRI scan
  • 3 weekend getaways
  • 4 major holidays
  • 7 concerts/events
  • 90 days of Fall
  • 10 days of Winter

I’m sure some of those numbers will change in the coming weeks and month as more things come up, but my point is that we are entering a notoriously busy time of year. It’s a time when petering out is easy, but I want to do the opposite.

My hope is to hit New Year’s Eve on a high note and emerge into 2017 knowing that I spent the last year kicking ass in all areas of my life. That way I can spend the winter hibernating, reflecting, and ramping up to begin again in early spring.

Interested in getting a similar challenge underway in your own life?
Check out my 8 Ideas for Embracing a Seasonal Change.

Happy first day of Fall, and here’s to the last 100 days of 2016!





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