Bloom Boom: Put a Crown On It

We are up to our eyeballs in blooms. Every vase and jar in the house is holding a bouquet. As a small scale flower “farmer,” I’ve surprisingly never made any floral arts projects during times of surplus. Today, however, I decided to tackle my first project: Flower Crowns.

This week I’ll be going into the tube for my quarterly scan, so I’m doing my best to focus on other, more happy life moments and pursuits like this. This morning my sister, Emily, and I worked together to create our own individual flower crowns, first scouring the homestead for blooms and greenery. We gathered quite an assortment.


Using floral wire and floral tape, we began to assemble our individual headpieces. Emily went with a zinnia-heavy arrangement, while I started with a gigantic sunflower off to one side, and went from there.

4A6A3549Emily’s finished product. I loved the tightly woven zinnia blooms with daisy highlights.

4A6A3772And mine. A much more eclectic/eccentric arrangement. You could say our crowns suited our personalities.


We started this endeavor pretty early in the morning, and were beaming with sweat by the end. It’s reaching 90+ degrees these days (I’ve given up on my hair), and this felt the most quintessential celebration of summer. I know we will cherish these memories when we’re stuck peering out of frosted windows at snowfall.


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