Friday Findings, Food & Flora: Vol. 1

Every Friday I share interesting links and findings, food I’ve made,
and an update on what’s growing in the garden. Enjoy.


    • I aspire to be more minimal and am very intrigued by this new documentary.
    • Another upcoming documentary that tackles a very important topic – the protection of our disappearing seed varieties.
    • I’m always curious to see how other young people take on the creative challenge of communicating what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer. Check out this piece: An Artist Takes on Cancer.
    • I have long dreamt of having my own hive – maybe the Flow Hive would be a good place to start?
    • Any device that can help garden management including watering, the threat of frost, and more, is exciting for me! Enter: Wimoto.
    • Have you seen this very NSFW trailer for Sausage Party? An adults-only animated movie about various products from the grocery store finding out the horror of what happens to them once purchased. I’m so in.
  • My sister shared this video with me and I loved it. Anyone who can combine entertainment, humor, and a bit of education (plant-powered for the win!) has my attention:


I’ve only been home from my trip abroad for a few days so I’m still easing my way back into the kitchen and out of my jet lag haze. For a more robust assortment of culinary creations from the past month or two, visit my Facebook page:

The only share-worthy dish from this week was a pasta primavera type bowl where I simply sautéed a bunch of vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs and tossed it all together with some spaghetti and vegan ranch dressing.

creamy veg pasta

I’m working to develop my own recipes (a huge challenge, as I tend to throw ingredients together haphazardly and not record anything), but in the meantime I’m heavily invested in my “Vegan-ish” Pinterest board where I find and execute amazing dishes from folks who know what they’re doing.


I came back from Europe to find an explosion of activity in the garden! Here’s a few highlights.

  • Last night I was able to cut this first real bouquet from our wildflower hill:
    june 2 bouquet
  • These young snap peas were delicious in the pasta I showed above:snap peas june 2016
  • Strawberries! Getting to the end of the harvest, but still enjoying a few.
  • Unfortunately some pesky chipmunks have been mauling the best ones…
    chipmunk strawberries
  • Fortunately we’ve got Baron on the job to stare them down with intimidation.
    baron watching chipmunk
  • And poppies starting to bloom!
    poppy 2

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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