Week in Review: 2017.16

Every morning it looks a bit greener outside thanks to the warming temperatures, sunnier days, and intermittent rain showers. Perhaps also because the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color, which is never more apparent than in springtime. Yesterday morning was spent harvesting some gorgeous tulips, tarragon, mint, and a fresh crop … More Week in Review: 2017.16

Spring Eats: A Few Plant-Based Plates

It’s been a great week in the kitchen, and I credit the small crop of backyard asparagus for spearheading my cooking inspiration. Having fresh veg again (there’s also spinach, mint, and cilantro) is always an invigorating part of eating plant-based.  This year’s asparagus has been the most beautiful crop yet, and watching it creep up and out of … More Spring Eats: A Few Plant-Based Plates

Week in Review: 2017.15

As we head into this holiday weekend I feel like spring has fully arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been taking lots of pictures of all the colorful and enlivening happenings around my homestead, which you can see in a collection I published a few days ago (click here to see). And there’s even more highlights to share, so … More Week in Review: 2017.15

Week in Review: 2017.14

Today’s April Showers are of the snowy variety, which is adding a dusty layer to everything that’s coming alive outside. But these lupines will surely survive, and so will these hyacinth… A few days ago it was much warmer and sunnier… With flowers continuing to bloom all around. Baron is enjoying his favorite duty of pest control as … More Week in Review: 2017.14