Week in Review: 2017.10

I woke up this morning to a slightly unexpected snowfall, which was breathtaking. Blustery, and a far cry from the springy week we’ve had, but beautiful none the less! Bright blue skies + blindingly white snow = a dynamite combo. And thankfully it wasn’t enough accumulation to hinder mobility on the roads, so I’ll take it. Especially with … More Week in Review: 2017.10

Week in Review: 2017.9

The first day of spring is a little over two weeks away, which means it’s serious seedling time around here. As the weather outside remains erratic, inside the seeds are starting to grow and thrive. Spinach babies getting a shower. The most adorable asparagus. Outside, the tulips and daffodils were thriving… Until snow invited itself … More Week in Review: 2017.9