Week in Review: 2017.21

Oh, June. It’s so good to have you back.

With summer swiftly rushing into view I am busy inhaling the fragrant honeysuckle, utilizing garlic scapes and chive blossoms to beautify my food, eagerly awaiting my first CSA box, and oh yeah…

Closing on this little spot now called home.That’s the look of someone who’s in disbelief over how lucky they are to be surrounded by a dozen lush acres of heaven.

Over at the current property (official move underway soon), here’s some of those goodies I mentioned…I put together a delicious pasta dish with this garden trug haul, and will be posting the recipe very soon. Stay tuned!

And here’s a meal I put together that was a hodepodge of leftovers, made exponentially prettier with chive blossomsThose tiny purple flowers are my current obsession.

This Week in Content:

Speaking of N+F… we’re having a Season 1 Wrap Party here in Pittsburgh with special guest Heather Crosby! Click here for details, and check out Heather’s new cookbook, Pantry to Plate, which she’ll be signing that evening.

This Week in My Life:

  • Reading: White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte. The anti-ish-self-help book I desperately needed.
  • Watching: If you know me, you know I love 80s movies. This week the pick was Diner – a favorite that I wanted to revisit after listening to this interview. And speaking of, I’ve enjoyed even more Bacon this week by checking out this show.
  • Indulging: I can’t get enough of Ben & Jerry’s (non-dairy) Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream. I’ve had to restrain my spoon from hitting bottom too quickly.
  • Listening: New Beach House! But also searching for new tunes for yoga class playlists. I have been teaching a lot lately and am chock full of low key, ambient music. Do you know any good artists that don’t use lyrics, and have upbeat songs? Send them my way!

This Week on the Internet:

  • When food + art collide, you always have my attention.
  • Full disclosure: sometimes I really loathe meditation. If you’re like me, maybe you’ll enjoy these 6 Relaxation Hacks that don’t involve it.
  • I am well aware of how magical mushrooms are (not talking that kind of magical), and here’s more proof.
  • I am a Pittsburgher (who loves the earth and wants to save it, thank you very much) so I enjoyed this.

And finally, your weekly dose of dogs…Who will both turn 7(!!) this month!


Happy Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Betsy Brockett was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at the age of 28, and continues to thrive despite the challenges that cancer has created in her life. Holding a degree in Art & Visual Technology from George Mason University, Betsy expresses herself through writing, photography, painting, pottery, and more. She is most often found cultivating, creating, practicing/teaching yoga, or simply enjoying the beauty of life.

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