Week in Review: 2017.20

This review is coming late, with transitions aplenty to blame!

I am in the midst of a big move (which I teased last time), and cleaning/purging nonstop in anticipation of some serious downsizing. But the minimizing inside will come with some serious maximizing outside.

Say hello to my soon-to-be new “backyard”…Heaven on 12+ acres!

I am fully embracing the fact that minimalism and tiny(ish) living will soon be my new normal (with a dozen acres to manage as well, of course), but with the excitement and anticipation comes some sadness.

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the loss of our garden this year, and the loss of our greenhouse that we built just weeks before this new property came on the radar. It is logistically impossible to migrate either so I am coping with leaving both behind, and hoping that the new owners will enjoy the groundwork we have laid.


It would have been an epic year out there….Thankfully there is a CSA share in my immediate future to fill the void!

And the silver lining?

I get to start everything from scratch. Gardening/farming, DIY + creative projects, setting up a new homestead, implementing my plant-based, “cured” lifestyle… and I get to do it all better (and wiser), and share it all here.

But first there are still a lot more transitions, shifts, readjustments (and head spinning) to get through, so bear with me!

Amongst all the mayhem of a major move, I am still finding time for some necessary adventure, like playing in the woods…

And climbing great heights for great views…

And stopping to enjoy the (abundant) flowers…

Pea blossom!

There’s also a new trio of babes nesting in the pear tree…

And happy dogs, oblivious to the imminent changes…

And blueberry clusters!

And raspberries!

And peas, ready to munch….

I am thankful that some of the (literal) fruits of our labor will ripen soon enough for us to enjoy!

Elsewhere in my world of eats I have been relying on simple standbys like salads, rice bowls, pastas, and some intriguing/convenient products, like these Beyond Meat burgers….The texture, flavor, and look of these burgers are jarringly close to the real deal – but 100% plant-based, gluten free, and soy free!

More on Beyond Meat: I got a 2-pack on sale for $4.99, which I realize is a hefty price when measured against a pound of ground beef that can produce 3 – 4 burgers at merely $2 – $3 total, but this burger has your health and the health of our environment in mind. A win-win in my book. If you’re curious, I suggest giving them a shot! Delicious!
And these comments + opinions are my own – Beyond Meat is not sponsoring me, nor were these burgers comped. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I feel a bit “in the weeds” at the moment 🙂

I look forward to sharing more soon, and hope you all have a wonderful upcoming Memorial Day Weekend!



Betsy Brockett was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at the age of 28, and continues to thrive despite the challenges that cancer has created in her life. Holding a degree in Art & Visual Technology from George Mason University, Betsy expresses herself through writing, photography, painting, pottery, and more. She is most often found cultivating, creating, practicing/teaching yoga, or simply enjoying the beauty of life.

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