Week in Review: 2017.19

Things are looking a little different around here!

As the one year anniversary of Cured Life draws near, I have been working on giving the site a facelift. More on that occasion (and future plans) soon, but for now, I have a brief recap of my week to share.

After my wonderful news last week, life has been go, go, go, as I move through some personal transitions (real estate related – more on that soon!). I found most of my time disappearing to those endeavors, but I still made sure to find some quiet space to explore what’s happening outside – where it is equally transition-filled.

The sunsets have been a dream


The robins have become fledglings.

After this happened about 10 days ago, there’s still remnants of the storm being found…With peas climbing up the trellis below.

Chive blossoms are bursting…And will soon be added atop salads and other dishes.

The garlic is approaching scape season…

And the strawberries are showing their first round of green fruits…Can’t wait to enjoy these babies soon!

Over on Nourish + Flourish this week we talked travel, with a bonus minisode about gratitude.

And that’s it! Here’s hoping for more shareable moments next week amongst the hectic-ness that will surely continue.


Happy Friday everyone!

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Betsy Brockett was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at the age of 28, and continues to thrive despite the challenges that cancer has created in her life. Holding a degree in Art & Visual Technology from George Mason University, Betsy expresses herself through writing, photography, painting, pottery, and more. She is most often found cultivating, creating, practicing/teaching yoga, or simply enjoying the beauty of life.

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