Week in Review: 2017.13

Today has been quite dark and dreary, giving us a head start on those “April showers.” I love the rain, though, and saw the gloominess outside as a sign to create some cheerfulness inside my kitchen on this last day of March.

I bought a basket of plums earlier this week without an agenda for them, so when the desire to bake hit me  I knew they’d be the perfect vehicle for something delicious.

Enter: Plum Cake!

It turned out looking even more sunshine-y than I had anticipated, and was incredibly tasty! An undoubtedly bright spot in an otherwise very grim day.

I used this recipe, but added a couple spoonfuls of lemon juice to the batter and skipped the part about cooking down the plums in sugar ahead of time.

In other food news… it has been another week of simple meals that are easy and satisfying. I’m so glad to have mindless meals to turn to when facing a stretch of days where creativity and ingenuity was allocated elsewhere.

Here’s a Tofu Scramble – one of the easiest and most satisfying “go-to’s” for me.

Can’t go wrong with avocado + fresh herbs on top of even the most boring dish.

And here’s another meal that was a hodgepodge of some favorites…

Popcorn Tofu (recipe inspiration here) + Spiced & Roasted Cauliflower (recipe inspiration here) + Steamed Spinach + Tahini Sauce

Just a whole lot of YUM on one plate!


Outside there are more spring flowers blooming…

Hellebore, Hyacinth, Daffodil and Coltsfoot.

And spinach in the cold frame…

Inside there are seedlings galore at various stages of development…

Flowers, vegetables, herbs…. it’s an incubation party around here!



Happy Friday everyone!

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Betsy Brockett was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at the age of 28, and continues to thrive despite the challenges that cancer has created in her life. Holding a degree in Art & Visual Technology from George Mason University, Betsy expresses herself through writing, photography, painting, pottery, and more. She is most often found cultivating, creating, practicing/teaching yoga, or simply enjoying the beauty of life.