My Top 9 Summer Goals

Summer officially arrives 3 weeks from today!*

Not that I am trying to rush spring along, but I am certainly percolating ideas on how to best maximize the upcoming season of sunshine. And by June 21st I hope to be spending those warm, endless, summer evenings enveloped by the beauty of my new homestead.

As I look ahead to the most precious season (with the 4th of July, my birthday, and much more nestled within), I have been inspired by two of my favorite bloggers (Shutterbean + Joy the Baker) to put together a list of goals. A bucket list of sorts, with the personal genesis being my pre-existing-but-now-put-on-hold summer placeholder: the garden (retired due to the move).

This bittersweet loss means taking advantage of a different kind of summer.

My Top 9 Summer Goals:

  1. Low-Key Leisure
    You won’t find any items on my list that are high intensity. I aim to drink in summer slowly, with drawn out days detached from technology, a book in hand, and a sweaty glass clinking with ice nearby.
  2. Movement al fresco
    You know what I mean…  exploring in the woods, yoga in the grass, splashing in the water – anywhere but inside, and anything that feels like play.
  3. Floral Crafts
    I hope to extend and stretch the fleeting magic of flowers as much as possible, so I see a lot of arranging, pressing, drying, garlanding, and crowning in my future.
  4. Art al fresco
    There’s definitely a theme here. With my new homestead of acreage comes a very small house, which I’m viewing as a sign to grab my easel and supplies and get outside for some en plain air painting.
  5. Long + Multiple Exposure Photography
    Back when I taught digital photography classes to teenagers (usually in the summer) we used to do a lot assignments like this. I miss it. “Painting with light” is a technique so full of potential, with some of the most fascinating results.
  6. Host a Plant-Powered Party
    I did this last summer and am eager to give it another shot. Hosting is something I really enjoy, and putting together a bountiful spread from all of the fresh summer fruit and veg makes it easy.
  7. Sleep Outside
    At least once. In the winter I do a great job of jiving with my circadian-rhythm, but the summer can be tough with all those late sunsets and sometimes unbearable heat.
  8. Explore My New Community
    Even though I am only moving about 25 minutes from my current home, there is a brand new community nearby that I am looking forward to scoping out. You know… joining the library, checking out restaurants and local shops, and getting involved.
  9. Visit a Fair
    I’m talking old school county fair, for pure nostalgia. There’s something dreamy about a hazy summer night wrapped up in the smell of cotton candy and the festive noises of communal celebration.


The countdown is on! So here’s to the last 3 weeks of spring (a glorious time in its own right), as we look ahead to dreamier days.

See you soon, summer.

*If you’re in the Pittsburgh vicinity and looking for something fun to do on the summer solstice, join me for my podcast’s Season 1 Wrap Party + YumUniverse Cookbook Signing. Info here!



Betsy Brockett was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at the age of 28, and continues to thrive despite the challenges that cancer has created in her life. Holding a degree in Art & Visual Technology from George Mason University, Betsy expresses herself through writing, photography, painting, pottery, and more. She is most often found cultivating, creating, practicing/teaching yoga, or simply enjoying the beauty of life.

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