My name is Betsy. I am a creator, cultivator, and cancer thriver.

I was born and raised in upstate New York, received a bachelor’s degree in photography from George Mason University, and have been living in and around Pittsburgh since 2006, with a four month stint in Los Angeles mixed in there somewhere.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at the age of 28. Throughout 2014 and 2016 I went through several surgeries and different types of chemotherapies. You can read more about my ongoing cancer story here.

By the time I turned 30 I had been through two marriages, cancer, a handful of various jobs, 8 addresses in 9 years, a game-changing yoga teacher training, and much more. What can I say? I like to stay busy. These days I’m most often found in my garden, kitchen, or studio.

Online, you also find me in these places…


Cured Life: The name is a bit tongue in cheek.

I can’t say if I will ever be considered fully cured of cancer but I credit my diagnosis (and subsequent experiences as a patient) as the fuel for my desire to cure my life of many negative tendencies and habits, and to live more purposefully.

I wake up each morning with the intention to pursue my passions: creating, cultivating, cooking, traveling, writing, connecting with nature, practicing yoga, and more. I focus on healing and nourishing my body through my diet which is now plant-based. I also aim to match my words and actions with integrity, and to inject as much humor as possible into my life and out into the world. Not only do I work to improve myself, I also aim to make a positive impact on the earth and the environment. I chase a life that is simple, beautiful, and full of love.

If I left enough room in my days for the negativity, fear, doubt, and self-destructive behaviors that used to rule my life, they would drown me. Am I brazen enough to declare that my life is now perfect? No. Not even close. This space is a merely vehicle for exploring growth and I will forever be working out the kinks.


Cured Life is an aspiration.

It represents the intention of becoming the most authentic version of you. This space is for sharing personal experiences, stories, and creations as a means to ignite inspiration, positivity, and connection. I intend to illustrate that with or without a trauma induced wakeup call, it’s never too late to chase happiness and cure your life of what ails you. All roads, however windy and bumpy, can lead to a Cured Life.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dietician, cancer expert, or any other kind of authority on administering advice. My content is not intended to be a source of treatment for any ailment or disease. I simply share my personal experiences and what works for me. You may not agree as we all have different bodies, needs, and opinions – and isn’t that wonderful?

Cured Life ContentEvery image and video on this site comes from my cameras, unless otherwise noted. Each word, thought, and idea is my own. If you’d like to repost/share any of my content elsewhere on the web, please give me appropriate credit and a heads up.